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Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (Singapore)


Made in Japan


  • White


Low Noise Operation

Low Noise Operation

During Silent airflow operation, the noise level is less than 15dB, so it won't disturb you when sleeping.

  • Noise level differs depending on the model.

Tech Spec

Body Color White
Power Supply AC220-240V 50-60Hz
Applicable Floor Space (m2 )* 33
Mode & Course Air Purify, Pollen, Strong Deodorization, ECO
PM 2.5
Inverter Control
ECO Mode Efficiency vs Silent mode (%) : 44
Removable Odors Pet, Tobacco, Cooking, Toilet, Sewage outlet
Suppressible Substances Mold, Cedar pollen, Dead house dust mites
Air Flow Rate
Air Flow Clean air mode (m 3/min) (Max, High, Medium, Silent) : 5, 4.3, 2.8, 1
Power Clean air mode (W) (Max, High, Medium, Silent) : 45, 32, 14, 4
Sound Clean air mode (dB) (Max, High, Medium, Silent) : 50, 45, 38, 18
Filter Type (Approx. Filter life) Washable Pre filter, Allergen-free Catechin Deodorizing HEPA Filter (2 years* )
Remote Control
Off Timer (4 hours)
Sensors Odor
Power cord (m) 1.8
Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) 537×430×242
Weight (kg) 7