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Hitachi Home Electronics Asia(S) Pte. Ltd.   Cambodia


ស៊ីឡាំង - ប្រើថង់
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ថាមពលម៉ូទ័រ (W: at 240V) 1600
Suction Control
Cloth Filter Paper or Cloth Bag
ចំណុះផ្ទុកធូលី (L) 1.5
Dust Indicator
Filter Standard
Extension Wand Plastic
Twist-Free Hose
Tool Holder / Storage
Hose Stand
Automatic Cord Reel
Power Cord Length (m) 5
Accessories Main Nozzle : Rug / Floor
Crevice Nozzle
Large Wheels / Tough Base
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 288 x 256 x 214
Weight (Net / Gross, kg) 3.0 / 4.8
Body Color Blue / Gray / Red / Yellow / Green
Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
Color tone of actual products may differ from those shown on the website.