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Cooling capacity: 1.0 HP / 1.5HP
Scene Camera Twin
Air sleep
All DC Inverter
UV Fresh
Nano Titanium Wasabi Filter
Stainless pre-filter
Smart vector system
Indoor Fan antibacterial

  • Using Thermo and Image Cameras, Scene Camera Twin intelligently "sees" room temperature distribution, absolute location and level of activity of individuals to realize fully automatic operation providing comfort for everyone in various scenes of life. It saves energy, too.
  • Air sleep: using sensor with high accuracy to control temperature and air flow assure a deep and refreshing sleep
  • All DC Inverter: for more saving energy
  • UV Fresh: UV LED light emits shortwave UV onto the filters and deactivates 99% of bacteria trapped
  • Nano Titanium Wasabi Filter: this filter releases powerful antibacterial, anti-mold, anti-allergen and deodorizing effect
  • Stainless pre-filter: For long lasting fresher air supply
  • Indoor Fan antibacterial: upgraded cleanliness is realized by applying antibacterial silver ion to the indoor fan.
  • Smart vector system: powerful start up and instant cooling is realized.
  • Green fin condenser: special anti-corrosion "green" coating to assures better performance, durability, and savings
  • Fireproof electrical enclosure: using 100% metal housing to enclose and tightly seal its electrical and electronic components.

Tech Spec


Height: 300 mm
Width: 790 mm
Depth: 280 mm
Cooling capacity
capacity01 1.0 HP / 1.5HP
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