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Hitachi Home AppliancesVietnam

2015 marks the 20 years journey of which Hitachi (in the field of home electronics) has been present in Vietnam and affirmed their solid position in Vietnamese consumers' mind. To mark this memorable milestone, Hitachi Home Electronics Vietnam and the authorized distributor Dai Phu Loc collaborated to organize The Dealer Convention 2015 held on 10th April 2015. The convention impressively exhibited Hitachi's most innovative home appliances.

The event highlight was the VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel technology) invented by Hitachi. This Hitachi's original technology is available in the premium fridges series such as Side by Side Premium and Made-in-Japan E series, offering optimal insulating capability and effective energy saving. The new design of auto-assisted doors helps open big heavy doors easily with just one touch or slide, providing convenience for users.


The innovative Vacuum Compartment in the E-series fridge helps store food for a longer time without losing their freshness and nutrients.

Another noteworthy technology in almost every Hitachi fridges is the Inverter x Dual Fan Cooling. The combination of these two advanced technologies has been Hitachi's innovation in cooling and world-leading energy saving. Hitachi's Inverter technology that has been widely used in high-speed railway system and hybrid vehicles. Till now, Hitachi's Inverter technology has contributed positively to the public development and delivered a convenient living environment at the same time.

The next highlight of the convention was Scene Camera air conditioner using twin camera: photo camera and thermo camera, to help search and detect the current number of people, ambient temperature, room size, position and activities of every single person. It then adjust to offer the best air flow and room temperature. This not only save energy effectively but also bring perfect comfort to users.


BD-S5500 is the premium Made in Japan washer & dryer that has many innovative technologies & outstanding features from Japan.


Besides to Auto Self Clean technology that cleans the tub automatically, Hitachi's new-generation Smart Drive Inverter washing machine is also integrated with lots of advanced features for optimal cleaning, outstanding energy saving and new creative user-friendly design.

DMD rice cooker excited visitors with the automatic Auto Recipe mode for easier cooking than ever.


Swivel vacuum cleaner with the automatic reinforced sucking strength helps lengthen and maintain strong sucking power.


Made-in-Japan air purifier is able to effectively filter PM 2.5 dust molecules.