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Hitachi Home AppliancesVietnam

Since its first presence in Vietnam, Hitachi has won a firm position in the consumers' hearts by diversified household electronic products of high quality and luxurious elegant design. On 4 April, 2014, Hitachi Home Electronics Vietnam and the authorized distributor Dai Phu Loc organized The annual Consumer Convention in order to introduce all new product series of the year.


To join the convention, consumers have opportunities to witness lots of Hitachi's most advanced technological achievements, especially the energy-saving and eco-friendly ones.


To glance over some of the most prominent products at the convention, the first impression must be Hitachi's Air-conditioner with the Air Sleep sensor of high accuracy that helps control temperature and air flows for a deeper and more comfortable sleep. Furthermore, All DC Inverter engine for the indoor and outdoor units enables the quiet performance and higher operating efficiency.

In addition to air-conditioners, the New Stylish fridge series is also one of the most interested products at the convention. With the new diversified capacities of 335 liters, 365 liters and 395 liters to give customers mor choices, this fridge series is also integrated with Inverter x Dual Fan Cooling to provide powerful chill airflows independently to every compartment, maintain the cooling level up to 12 hours after the power loss and keep a stable operation in a wide voltage range from 130V to 300V without a voltage stabilizer. This new cooling system helps Hitachi fridge series achieve the world's leading standard of energy-saving and the 5-star certificate of energy-saving provided by Ministry of Industry and Trade.

To be also exhibited at this convention, the Big Drum 510 washing machine integrated with Auto Self Clean (automatic tub-cleaning) to prevent dirt right from the start is considered one of the most efficient solutions to save users' effort and time. Furthermore, the wide tub diameter up to 510 mm offers higher washing efficiency and meets a big washing load for your whole family. Another distinguished feature of this fridge series is Dual Vibration Control System that makes for the washer's quiet performance from start to end.


Also at this convention, Hitachi Home Electronics Vietnam introduces the two new premium made-in-Japan products that are Air purifier and IH electromagnetic Rice Cooker.

As for the air purifier, consumers can find many innovative technologies such as HEPA Filter made of many layers for the outstanding cleaning effect (anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-mold capabilities) and a powerful deordorizing filter (3-component structure); Skin moisturing mode to increase the room moisture up to 60%, keep your skin humid during the dry season or when using air-conditioners frequently; Inverter and Eco mode to save energy optimally. Furthermore, the luxurious mirror-coated surface and LED Screen* are also "plus points" to consumers.

Different designs according to the product series

The second premium product is the IH electromagnectic rice cooker that is made in Japan. The multi-layer thick inner pot and black iron structure coated with flo helps increase temperature absorption. The cooking technology by pressure and recycled steam enables water to be absorbed effectively into every rice grain for evenly cooked rice; hence the result is more delicious rice. In addition to the rice cooking function, the rice cooker is also integrated with diversified cooking programs to give you more ideas on nutritious and delicious dishes every day.

By ceaselessly introducing new products on the market, Hitachi has proved the wonderful ability of creativity and initiatives to serve consumers' practical and various needs. Together with the position as a pioneer of technological innovations, Hitachi always guarantees the sustainable development of our living environment. This one more time proves Hitachi's best efforts to contribute to a more and more convenient and happy life.