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Hitachi Home AppliancesVietnam


  • Applied for Hitachi products including Refrigerator - Washing Machine - Vacuum Cleaner - Rice Cooker bought from July 1 to September 15, 2011
  • When you buy any 01 Hitachi product nationwide (that has "Warranty Registration Form" provided by Dai Phu Loc Co.) such as: Refrigerator - Washing Machine - Vacuum Cleaner - Rice Cooker - you'll have the opportunity to join our lucky draw program.
  • Every customer fills all information in "Lucky Draw Coupon" and sends it together with "Warranty Registration Form" and a photo of "Purchase Invoice" by post to the address: ADK Vietnam, 28 Nguyen Van Thu, Ward Da Kao, District 1, HCMC.
  • All information on "Lucky Draw Coupon" and "Warranty Registration Form" has to be complete and consistent (Customer name, address, telephone number, purchased product, model number, series number, purchase invoice number).
  • "Lucky Draw Coupon", "Warranty Registration Form" and photo of "Purchase Invoice" are not allowed to be damaged, erased or corrected.
  • Organizer is not responsible for the case in which "Lucky Draw Coupon", "Warranty Registration Form" and photo of "Purchase Invoice" are sent in late or damaged through post.
  • The deadline to receive "Lucky Draw Coupon", "Warranty Registration Form" and photo of "Purchase Invoice" is September 16, 2011 according to the sender's post-mark.
  • "Lucky Draw Coupon" which doesn't contain enough information, or not consistent with the information on "Warranty Registration Form" and "Purchase Invoice", or sent within the period of promotion but arrives in later than 22 September 2011 is considered as invalid.
  • Valid "Lucky Draw Coupon" will take part in the lucky draw day in HCMC after the promotion is finished.
  • All prizes can not be converted into cash.


  • Organizer will announce winning results on mass media and inform directly to the winners through telephone and send registered mail based on the address and telephone number written in the form by customers. The winners will come to informed venue to receive their prize. Organizer is not responsible for the case in which customers fill in wrong contact information.
  • When coming to get prizes, the winners must bring original ID Card/Passport/Inhabitant Record, Purchase Invoice and Warranty Form of their wining products (Customer's part) to compare with the received prizes. The prizes will be handed in to the winners according to their correct Name/Identification Card Number/Inhabitant Record information on "Lucky Draw Coupon".
  • The winners can authorize (by notarized letter of attorney) another person to receive their prizes.
  • The deadline to get prizes is Oct 30 2011. Over the above time, if winners fail to get the prize for any reason, the prizes will be considered unclaimed. Organizer will treat unclaimed prizes according to Vietnam's current law.
  • Every concern relating to this sales promotion, customers can contact to the place they buy Hitachi products or customer service hotline (08-38248502) to get clarification/solution.


  • (1) Hitachi staff in Vietnam, (2) Distributors, (3) Advertising agency, (4) Dealers and (5) Retailers are not allowed to join in this promotion.
  • The winners must bear all travel costs and related costs for receiving the prizes as well as are responsible for paying income tax in accordance with Vietnam's current law.