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Shallow Well - Inverter
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WM-P750GX (750 Watt)

Key Highlights

Stable water pressure at every outlet. The inverter system manipulates the rate at which the motor operates to ensure stable water pressure wherever it is used around the home.

Quiet, non-disturbing operation. The Inverter system and the DC motor are technologically advanced and allow for peaceful operation.

20% more water output than conventional pumps. Hitachi automatic water pumps perform at greater efficiency with brushless DC motor and specially-designed pump casing.

Clean, safe and rust-free. The bladder tank is filled with nitrogen and lined with a diaphragm of rubber sheets. This means the tank does not come in direct contact with water so it will not rust throughout its service life.

40% greater energy efficiency. The Inverter system adjusts the motor rate to suit the amount of water used. This effectively minimizes unnecessary energy loss.

Less space requirement. More compact size thanks to the Inverter technology and a more accurate pressure sensor. Unnecessary parts are all eliminated.

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