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Hitachi Home AppliancesThailand


Made in Japan
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Quick Cleaning in
Stick-Mode or Handy-Mode

Quick Cleaning in Stick-Mode or Handy-Mode

Light-Weight Stick 2.5kg

Center of gravity is kept near the floor to ease the burden on the hand.

Center of gravity is kept near the hand, to perform delicate operation easily.

Easy to Use at Staircases

For Sheets and Mats in Cars

In Deep, Narrow Areas

High Places, Not Reachable by Hand

Narrow Gaps and Walls

Thoroughly Cleans Your Bedsheets

Self-Supporting Design

Switch off the power part way through cleaning, and enables you leave the unit standing.

Charging Station

Charging station that allows the main body to stand as it is.

SD High Power Fan Motor

SD High Power Fan Motor

The newly-developed motor generates high power. It is small and lightweight, yet has high efficiency.

Power Boost Cyclone Structure

Power Boost Cyclone Structure

The cyclone is strengthened with boosted (accelerated) power, allowing dust and air to be separated by centrifugation.

Easy Disposal of Dust

Dust is expelled by the inner cylinder as the cover opens when you press the dust disposal button.

The whole dust case portioncan be washed with water.

Motorized Auto Drive Head

Motorized Auto Drive Head

Thanks to Hitachi’s original motorized head design, the suction head moves by itself when the power is on, and picks up dust with less effort without sticking to the floor.

Lift-Stop Switch

Brush rotation stops automatically when lifted up.

One-Touch Removal

Rotation brush can be removed easily by just unlocking the lever.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-Ion Battery

Li-ion, Approx. 30 minutes

Allows continuous operation up to approximately 30 minutes* during standard operation.

*Approximately 8 minutes during high power operation.