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Hitachi Home AppliancesThailand


3 – Star Inverter Series
EGAT 5 ★★★
Air 12,200 BTU


Hitachi’s Air Conditioner
The Best Cooling Technology and Clean Air

With Anti Air Pollution System

Dust and Bacteria Removal with “Frost Wash”

Remove accumulating dust from the heat exchanger by freezing and washing it away with meltwater. This proves to give 93% of bacteria and mold reduction.​

Air Sleep Timer

“Air Sleep Timer” is made based on the same sleep supporting theory applied to “Air Sleep Mode”. Once the “Air Sleep Timer” is set, it will shift to silent operation as well as gradually rise set temperature by 2c˚ in 2 hours, manually by timer control. The cooling operation will automatically stop after designated hours has been past.

Durability – Hitachi Careful Treatment for Reliability

Fireproof Electrical Enclosure

We insist on using 100% metal casing to enclose electrical components. This drastically reduces the risk of fire spreading if a fault occurs.​

Copper Tube Condenser

Copper tube is resistant to corrosion. It has superior strength and better reliability.​

Anti-rust Outdoor Casing

Reduce maintenance time with rust-proof casings for outdoor units. A full coating of anti-rust paint is applied from top to bottom.

Green-Fin Condenser

With its special anti-corrosion “green” coating , the Green Fin Condenser lasts up to three times as long as standard types. This coating assures better performance, durability and savings even in tough conditions such as those in coastal areas.​​

Safe Surge Protection

Hitachi’s PCB is resilient with 420V of surge maximum. Our PCB in outdoor unit withstands at as high as 420V*. This helps deliver stable cooling operation and long-lasting reliability of our product.

* The figure here is valid only for surge on DC voltage, and this does not guarantee continuous resilience for high voltage.

46ºC Maximum Operating Temperature

Hitachi has improved usable outdoor temperature to as high as 46ºC

Tech Spec

Model Name / Indoor RAS-UH13CMT
Model Name / Outdoor RAC-UH13CMT
Phase, Frequency, Voltage (φ, Hz, V) 1φ, 50Hz, 220-230V
Cooling Capacity (kW) 3.4(0.9-4.9)
Cooling Capacity (BTU/h) 12,200 (3,070 ~ 16,700)
SEER (BTU/h*W) 23.3
Total Input (W) 890 (320-2100)
Total Amperes (A) 4.28-4.08
Airflow Level (m3/min) 11.0/10.5/8.0/5.5/3.5
Indoor Sound Level (HH/H/M/L/Silent) (dB) 48/43/33/27/19
Dehumidifying Capacity (L/h) 1.6
Piping Maximum Length/Height (m) 20/10
Piping Diameter (mm) 6.35/9.52
Power Supply (Unit) Indoor
Net Dimension / Indoor (W*H*D) (mm) 780 x 280 x 230
Net Dimension / Outdoor (W*H*D) (mm) 750 x 570 x 280
Net Weight / Indoor (kg) 8
Net Weight / Outdoor (kg) 30
Refrigerant R32
KEY FEATURES Air Sleep Timer
Frost Wash
Nano Titanium Stainless Pre Filter
PM2.5 Wasabi Filter
Powerful Mode
Refresh Mode
Silent Mode
Up - Down Automatic Swing
12 hours Timer
Cascade Vector DC Inverter
Safe Surge Protection at 420V
DC Power System
Auto Restart
Fireproof Electrical Enclosure
Anti-Rust Outdoor Casing
46°C Maximum Operating Temperature
Green-Fin Condensor