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Hitachi Home AppliancesThailand

Corporate Information


A Japanese engineer by the name of Namihei Odaira had a dream. He wanted a better future for mankind like a person waiting for the rising sun in the morning. This young owner of a motor repair shop made his first significant move in 1910 when he successfully invented an electric motor of his own and aptly named it 'Hitachi'. 'Hi' is Japanese for the sun and "tachi" means 'rise'. So, 'Hitachi' means 'The Rising Sun'

In time, with incredible effort to strive forward, the name Hitachi became synonymous with technology and quality around the globe. Hitachi Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a similar success story, too. What started as a simple 8-man operation on November 5th, 1968 has now become an operation with over 100 employees, that fulfills the demand of Thai market with quality 'Hitachi' products. Hitachi is widely accepted in Thailand for its manufacturing standard, audio and visual products as well as other electric appliances. We at Hitachi Sales (Thailand) are very proud of the fact that the quality household products we manufacture fit in well with the lifestyles and the routines of Thai people. We have been in this business for 44 years and we will continue to do what we do best: to manufacture quality products that contribute to the betterment of the quality of life for Thai people.

Nature of business

  1. Export and distribution of household electric appliances and audio and visual products such as refrigerators, fans, washers, rice cookers, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, televisions, video players, radio and cassette tape players and projectors
  2. After-sale services: service center

Corporate Philosophy


Inspire the Next: Inspiration for the Future

Hitachi was born out of the hope to give the people of the world better living conditions. The brand has never ceased to offer consumers technologically advanced products ever since. We are able to do this because we work on the solid foundation of a practical working philosophy that is comprised of carefully planned corporate 'vision', "mission" and "value".


Brand Vision is the goal and the direction we are taking. It explains how 'Hitachi' should appear to consumers in the 21st century.

"Our Brand Vision revolves around the betterment of living conditions and society through the production of high quality products and systems and services developed with advanced technologies, particularly information technology."

Brand Mission tells us how we can achieve these set goals,
as well as how our clients can acknowledge our achievements
and appreciate our efforts.

It also tells us how we should position ourselves in this time of ever-changing global economies and how to shift the emphasis from information to core knowledge.

"Our missions are to identify the real needs of society and consumers; to establish goals and determine how we can achieve them; to ensure the greatest satisfaction of the public and for clients; and, to continue breaking new ground without restricting ourselves to any dated mindset. Our focus is on service and communication. That means we are willing to engage ourselves in potential businesses we have never tried before. We will also maintain a balance of environmental preservation and economic growth."

Brand Value is our promise to bring solutions and quality to people. We want to become a trans-national company with the farthest reaching network in the world. The value created for our brand is the fruit of the collective efforts of everyone at Hitachi.

"Our value is the total product of our dedication and the confidence we have earned from our clients. We will turn our wisdom and technology into products which respond to people's demands. After all, it is our wish to present the best solutions for continued improvement of society."

'Inspire the Next' concept and logo design
The 'Inspire the Next' logo is designed specifically for a harmonious display next to the Hitachi logo. It is intended to communicate the vision of the Hitachi brand to people inside and outside of the company.

An accent is placed upon the 'x' in the word 'Next' to denote that Hitachi will continue to grow with partners and clients. The red colour used signifies our continued and ongoing efforts in creating better living conditions for people of the world.