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Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (Singapore)

BD-SG100AJ New

Made in Japan
  • Twetter


  • Champagne Gold

Tech Spec

Model BD-SG100AJ
Body Color Champagne Gold
Drum Capacity [L] 78 (Big Drum)
Drum Diameter [cm] 53
Capacity [kg]
(Dry Cloth Weight)
Washing, 10.0
Drying, 7.0
Standard Water Consumption [L] Washing, 54 / 67 (with Auto Self Clean)
Washing & Drying [for cooling], 95 / 108 (with Auto Self Clean)
Washing 3D Sensor Control Wash
Drying Wind Iron
Heat Recycle Drying
Dehumidification, 2-Way (Air Cooling / Water Cooling)
Tub Stainless Steel
Auto Self Clean
Flat Inner Wall Hose
Tub Clean
Tub Dry
Deodorant Removing Odors and Germs
Control Panel 7-Segment LED
Main Monitor 56 Poles DD Motor
Rotation Speed [r/min] 700 / 1,000 / 1,300 (1,700)*
Rated Power [W] Washing, 450
Drying, 1,050
Rated Voltage [V] and Frequency [Hz] 230 & 50
Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm] 630 x 715 x 1,050
Net Weight [kg] 83
Gross Weight [kg] 91
() :High Speed Spinning