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Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (Singapore)


Made in Japan 1.8 Litre


IH Technology

IH Technology

Induction Heating (IH) Technology

With IH, the heat is transferred into the rice by alternating electrical current. This minimizes damage to the original quality and taste of the grain.

Micro-Computer Type

Cooks with heat conduction from the heater, Rice tends to be cooked unevenly

IH Type

Inner pot heats up on its own from the magnetic forces, Rice is cooked more evenly

Delicious Rice with Pressure
and Steam

Delicious Rice with Pressure and Steam

Pressure and Steam maintain a high temperature to thoroughly steam and cook rice.

Optimum Atmospheric Pressure

High 1.3 atmospheric pressure generates high temperature steam that cooks thoroughly to the core of each grain.

11.3 Atmospheric Pressure

Trapped steam turns into water and is retained.

2Steam Recycling

The heater heats the water to turn it into steam again. Water is recycled during steaming and the rice is kept warm.

3High-temperature Steam

Achieves deliciously cooked rice.

4Steam Spout Vent

In order to achieve the best evenly cooked rice quality, optimum temperature must be 98°C and above. Hitachi rice cookers achieve this with its 1.3 atmospheric pressure cooking combined with the boiling point of 107°C for deliciously cooked rice.

Temperature Curve of Rice During Normal Cooking (0.54L = 3 cups)

High-temperature soaking at approx. 60°C, At approx. 100°C for 20 min.

High Heating Thermal
Sprayed Thick Iron Pot

High Heating Thermal Sprayed Thick Iron Pot

High Heating Iron Pot

Highly heat efficient iron responds best to IH and is heated up faster. With its high heat-generating efficiency of 82-84%, Hitachi’s iron inner pot transfers heat more deeply to the center of the pot.

IH Coil, Magnetic Force

The specially-made pot is equipped with Gold Fluorine coating that permits high heat transfer, while Thermal Spray process improves heat induction and retention.

1Anti-rust Paint

2Thermal Sprayed Iron
(Metallic Iron + Oxide Iron)

3Iron (Carbon Steel)


5Gold Fluorine Coating

Vapor Cut

Vapor Cut

With the innovative Vapor Cut Technology that traps steam within the cooker, the IH Rice Cooker can be conveniently placed anywhere.

Rice Cooking Test in Glass Case

Conventional Rice Cooker without Vapor Cut.

IH Rice Cooker with Vapor Cut.

Convenient Features

Convenient Features

Fluorine Coating for Hassle-free Cleaning.

Easy-to-read Water Level Indicator.

Removable Inner Lids and Steam Caps for Easy Washing.

Anti-scratch UV Coating*.

Easy-to-read Bright Backlit White LCD Display*.

*Images shown for Japan market only. May differ from actual product.

Tech Spec

Capacity [L] 1.8 (10 Cups)
Inner Pot Pot & Inner Coating : Themal Sprayed Thick Iron Pot Gold Fluorine Coating
Thickness : 3.0
Pressure 1.3 Atomospheric Pressure
Boiling Point 107℃ High Temperature
Vapor Cut
Steam Warm Warm (24h) ・ Warm Hi (12h)
Steam Reheat
Rice Menu White : Normal, Rapid, Mix, Porridge
Brown : Normal, Mix, Porridge
Variety Menu Risotto, Steam, Cake
Small Mount Cooking
Display Panel White LCD with Back Light
Power Source 220-230V, 50/60 Hz
Poewr Consumption (Max.)[W] 1400W
Dimensions (WxDxH)[mm] 301x424x254
Weight (Approx.)[kg] 7.9
Accessories Rice Scoop, Rice Scoop Holder, Measuring Cup x 1, Steaming Plate