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Hitachi Home Electronics Asia(S) Pte. Ltd.   Philippines

Philippines, 18th June 2015 - Hitachi unveiled its most advanced technology for home refrigeration at the Anson's The Link, Ayala Center in Makati City.

The "Unveiling Perfection" event highlighted the exclusive collaboration between Anson's and Hitachi in launching the latest Hitachi's intelligent, eco-friendly and cooling-efficient technologies.

The new premium refrigerator collection comes in six stylish models : Side by Side (Luxury and Mirror/ Glass Series), Big French, French Bottom Freezer and Big2.
Sleek, stylish and brimming with the latest technologies, the series is designed to fit right into the modern kitchen.

Feature Highlights:

InverterXDual Fan Cooling provides powerful refrigeration and exceptional energy saving. A combination of the two highly efficient technologies: the inverter compressor provides cooling power by generating a large volume of chilled air while Dual Fan Cooling controls how much and to which compartment chilled air is delivered. This new cooling system ensures efficient operation with little or no wasted energy. As a result, top class energy saving rattings is achieved worldwide.

Powerl Cooling provided to operate even at 60ºC ambient temperature, cooling every corner inside the refrigerator.
Stabilizer Free technology cools under a wide voltage fluctuations of 130V- 300V.
The Long Cool Keeper retents cooling for up to 12-15 hours even during power cut keeping food fresh,

Eco Monitoring Sensor (for Side by Side Luxury series) is a new function that senses if a person is near or away from the refrigerator. It automatically switches on and off to save energy and reduces power consumption, making it useful for people who frequently travel.

The Auto Door function (for Side by Side Luxury series) is an original and highly advanced technology which provides a delightful and convenient door opening experience with a single touch or slide of a finger. Even when the compartments are fully packed, heavy doors can be opened for convenient access.

Vacuum Insulation Panel (for Side by Side Luxury series) is another major feature providing world-leading energy-saving performance by preventing external heat from entering or internal cold air from escaping.

The Hitachi Premium Refrigerators are now available exclusively at Anson's The Link Ayala Center, Makati City.