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Hitachi Home AppliancesMalaysia

WM-P250XS New

Compact Type – Shallow Well


Japanese Standard Quality

Japanese Standard Quality

Having almost 100 years of water pump manufacturing experience, these exceptional pumps are designed to deliver high performance and reliability.

Environment-Friendly Design

Every units are certified with the stringent RoHS standard, as well as ISO 9001 for factory quality management, and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

Reliable, Long-Lasting Safety

Reliable, Long-Lasting Safety

Especially designed for durability, longer service life and safety.

Reliable, Advanced Motor

Hitachi’s motors are widely regarded for their high performance and long-lasting durability.

Rust-Resistant Bolts

The stainless bolts are rust-resistant and contribute to ease of maintenance throughout the pump’s service life.

Thermal Relay

The thermal relay is an important mechanism inside Hitachi motors. It automatically disengages the motor when the temperature rises above the preset level and re-engages the motor when it is safe to do so.

Rust-Resistant Check Valves

Copper alloy check valves installed in water pumps are machined from a special alloy so you can rest assured that they will be rust-resistant and contribute to the overall durability of your water pump.

Water Temp Relay

The water temp relay temporarily pauses operation when it becomes too hot. This prevents deformation of parts due to overheating.

Ventilation Fan

Hitachi’s specially designed vent fan works wonders in ventilating heat to ensure more effective operation and thereby prolong the motor’s life.

Heat-Resistant Rubber Seals

Seals are made of heat-resistant materials. They are less likely to fracture so you will not be troubled by water leakage.

Specially Designed Pump Head

The single-piece, seamless, molded pump head made from special plastic and first-grade materials frees you from worries of rust and leakage while giving you superior water output.

Specially Designed Pump Cover

The pump cover has been newly designed to comply with the stringent IEC safety standard. The cover fits snugly on the body, enhancing safety during operation. A heat ventilation duct at the back also helps the unit to work more effectively.

Constant Water Pressure

Constant Water Pressure

Life-Extending Pressure-Stabilized Unit

This unit controls the flow of water to maximize pressure switch life and the pump’s service life, ensuring continuously stable water pressure. The result is that you will no longer be troubled by irregular or intermittent water supply.

Bladder Tank

It is lined with a diaphragm of rubber sheets and filled with nitrogen. These advanced Hitachi technologies ensure stable water pressure and convenience since there is no need to refill the gas or worry about rust throughout the tank’s service life.

Big Water Capacity

Big Water Capacity

Increased by up to max. 22%

Pumping discharge is increased up to 22% compared with conventional models. Even if your place has many water taps, you can always enjoy ample water flow.

Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

Reduced by up to max. 10dB

New XS series achieved both powerful water flow and quiet operation by reducing the metallic sound when the pump is in operation. Even the areas where the houses are close together, it’s unlikely to cause annoyance and you can enjoy a late-night shower without worry of disturbing the neighbors.

Tech Spec

Compact Type
Motor Watt (W)
Total Suction Head* (m)
Total Discharge Head (m)
Capacity (L/min)
47 (Max.59)
Pressure Switch (kg/cm2 )
On: 2.0
Off: 2.6
Suction Pipe (mm)
25 (1")
Noise Level (dB)
Discharge Pipe (mm)
25 (1")
Taps Used Simultaneously**(Average)
Elevation Difference (m)
Dimensions (W×L×H, mm)
354 ×312 ×320
Weight (Net/Gross, kg)
Measured at 12m.
Based on the same usage and time. Normal water flow is 8L per minute per tap and this depends on usage condition.