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Cordless Stick
2 in 1 Design


2 in 1 Cordless Design

2 in 1 Cordless Design

Self-Supporting Design

Switch off the power part way through cleaning, and enables you leave the unit standing.

Charging Station

Accessories also can be attached to the charging station ready for use whenever required.

Effortless Floor Cleaning

Effortless Floor Cleaning

Auto Drive Head

The motorized brush rotates for quick dust pick up and smooth cleaning.

Variable Power Control

You can switch between the high and standard settings.

6 LED Lamps

Enables easy cleaning of dark areas.

Quick Cleaning

Quick Cleaning

Ideal for quickly cleaning up car seat / mats and food crumbs.

Multi Angle Brush Nozzle

For cleaning shelf tops.

Crevice Nozzle

For narrow spaces and alongside walls.

Powerful Cyclonic Dust

Powerful Cyclonic Dust Compression

Sucked in dust and air are separated centrifugally. What’s more, cyclone power thoroughly compresses the dust to enable plenty of cleaning.

Centrifugal separation of dust and air

Powerful dust compression

Easy Cleaning and

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Easy Dust Disposal Case

Dispose of compressed dust with minimal scattering.

Washable Dust Case

One-Touch Detachment

The brush is easy to be removed for maintenance.

Washable Brush

Safety Switch

Safety Switch

When the suction head is lifted up, the brush automatically stops rotating for safety.

Tech Spec

Operating Time* Approx. 40 min (Standard) Approx. 13 min (High)
Charge Time * Approx. 4.0 hours
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Power Control High, Standard, Off (Stick Cleaner)
Rug-Floor Nozzle Auto Drive Head
Accessories Multi-Angle Brush Nozzle, Crevice Nozzle, Charging Station, Maintenance Brush
Rated Voltage DC 18V
Nominal Capacity 2,000 mAh
Weight (kg) 2.8 (Stick Cleaner)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 170 x 270 x 1,100 (Stick Cleaner)
Color Deep Champagne (DC), Pearl Red (PR)
Fully charged, new batteries, ambient temperature of 20℃. Operating time may differ depending on ambient temerature and other conditions.