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Hitachi Home AppliancesMalaysia


Standard Series (R32)


Night Time Comfort

Air Sleep Timer Provides Ideal Temperature Control and Silence for
Deep Sleep.

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Night Time Comfort

Air Sleep Timer

Once the “Air Sleep Timer” is set, it will shift to silent operation as well as gradually rise set temperature by +2C° in 2 hours by timer control. The operation will stop after designated hours has been past.

Simulation when Air Sleep Timer is Set for 5 Hours

Before Sleep:Normal Cooling,Falling Asleep:Sleep Inducing Temperature Control,During Sleep:Silent Operation Stop


Extra Chilly! Daytime Comfort

Refresh Yourself with Chilly and Powerful Cooling,
or Silent Operation.

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Extra Chilly! Daytime Comfort

One-Touch Powerful Mode

A single press of the button for powerful & instant cooling.
Air flow will reach much further to quickly cool the room with max cooling power.

Powerful Mode(Extended Airflow), Normal Operation

Silent Mode

Silent operation can be selected for your comfort and pleasure.


Reliable & Durable

Auto Restart and Green Fin Condenser Assure Durability and
Reliable Operation in Tough Conditions.

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Reliable Operation

Power Black Out: Auto Restart at Previous Setting.


Fireproof Electrical Enclosure

100% metal housing tightly seal the electrical components to ensure safety.

Indoor Unit
Outdoor Unit

Anti-Rust, Anti-Corrosion Coating

Anti-Rust coating is applied for the outdoor unit casing. Anti-Corrosion coating is applied for the condenser.

Anti-Rust Outdoor Casing
Green-Fin Condenser


Tech Spec

Indoor: RAS-EH18CKM
Outdoor: RAC-EH18CKM
Rated Power Supply (Phase, Frequency, Voltage)
1Ø, 50Hz, 220-230V
Cooling Capacity
kW: 5.48
BTU/h: 18,700
Energy Star Rating
Meps Label (star) : ★★★
Wh/Wh: 3.26
BTU/h/Watt: 11.00
Total Power Input
Watt (min-max): 1,700
Total Amperes
A: 8.13-7.78
Air Flow
m3/min (Powerful/H/M/L/Silent): 18.0/16.5/12.5/10.5/7.5
Indoor Sound Level
dB (Powerful/H/M/L/Silent): 50/45/38/35/29
Outdoor Sound Level
dB: 53
Dehumidifying Capacity
l/h: 3.5
Maximum Length/Height of Piping
m: 20/10
Minumum Pipe Length
m: 3
Diameter for Liquid/Gas
mm: 6.35/12.7
Power supply
Net Dimension
Indoor: (WxHxD, mm) 1,100 x 300 x 260
Outdoor: (WxHxD, mm) 750 x 570 x 280
Net Weight
Indoor/Outdoor(kg): 14/37
Key Feature
Air Sleep Timer
Powerful Mode
Silent Mode
Up-Down Auto Swing
12-hr Timer
DC Power System
Auto Restart
Fireproof Electrical Enclosure
Anti-Corrosion Green Fin
Anti-Rust Outdoor Casing