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Products That Are Designed For a Healthier Lifestyle and a Greener World


KUALA LUMPUR, 6 April 2012- Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Berhad today introduced a new range of environmentally friendly home appliances at its annual event launch themed Eco. Midori.
Hitachi showcased the new line of home appliances ranging from refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, rice cooker, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners.

"Hitachi has always maintained a customer oriented philosophy. In line with the Eco. Midori concept, we are most pleased to introduce Hitachi's new line of high quality products that are designed to be environmentally friendly. With this new line of products, we aim to achieve a double-digit revenue growth of 15% for 2012 with RM180 million turnover," said Masahiro Sakata, Managing Director, Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Berhad.

"We hope that our products will enrich our customers' quality of life as well as promote the sustainability of society for the next generation. We believe healthy living is the key to a sustainable lifestyle. With the introduction of Hitachi's new environmentally friendly home appliances, we hope that every individual and every nation will inherit a greener world for a better tomorrow in line with our slogan 'Creating a better future tomorrow together," Sakata added.

Energy Conserving Inverter and Dual Fan Cooling Refrigerator Series

Among the line-up of products launched today was the stylish and intelligent R-W750FPMX Refrigerator of the Big French Series Refrigerator range. The R-W750FPMX is a New Wave Line Design that comes equipped with the energy conserving inverter technology and Dual Fan Cooling feature which is not only an energy saving model but also provides more powerful and efficient cooling with its individually dedicated fans for the refrigerator and freezer.

Other new features of the R-W750FPMX are the Eco Thermo Sensor and Electronic Control feature. The Eco Thermo Sensor detects temperature changes inside the refrigerator and the microcomputer provides optimum cooling for efficient operation at all times. In addition, the Electronic Control feature optimum operation allows the reduction of wasted energy consumption, hence, providing consumers a world class energy saving model and ultimately reducing electricity usage.

To enhance consumer's quality of life the R-W750FPMX also comes with the Real Nanotechnology Purification System that provides a powerful antibacterial, anti-mold and deodorizing effect.

Consumers can also opt for the made in Japan models, the R-B6800M and R-B6200M B series range of the refrigerator products. The B series models are designed in a new sleek Crystal Black design with a crystal door and touch panel. Besides the new look and bigger capacity, the B series is also equipped with energy saving technology in the form of the Frost Recycling Cooling feature that helps to cool efficiently. Another new feature for the B series refrigerators is the Vacuum Compartment that adjusts the temperature according to stored volume and together with the Eco Intelligent Control feature it ensures greater efficiency in chilling and better food storage.

Big Drum 510 Series - Front Load Washing Machine

Enjoy peace, harmony and the beautiful sound of silence with the Hitachi Big Drum 510 series equipped with the Advanced Direct Drive Inverter technology that does the job quietly. With the Big Drum 510 feature as well as the Antibacterial Shower Lifter feature, the BD-W80MV ensures that your clothes are thoroughly washed. The new BD-W80MV front load washing machine has a 3D Vibration Sensor, Load Sensor and Revolution Sensor that work together to detect the fabric type and wash load and then control the drum rotation speed to give you the best washing effect.

Stainless Clean Technology and All DC Inverter Air-Conditioner

In line with the Eco. Midori concept, Hitachi continuously strives to promote a healthier lifestyle and adopted an original approach to cleanliness with the RAS-SX10CB Air-Conditioner, a Hitachi owned Stainless Clean technology. Part of the Premium Luxury Design models, the RAS-SX10CB is equipped with the breakthrough Triple Air Purification System that utilises the antibacterial stainless steel for the air duct, air conditioner louvres and pre-filter.

The Stainless Steel material used is proven to sterilize the air by 99.99%, keeping the air clean from intake to outlet and preventing dust accumulation to ensure clean and hygienic air. Besides that, it is also fitted with the cutting-edge Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purification technology that uses a wasabi-modified Nano Titanium catalyst to provide a powerful antibacterial, anti-mold, anti-allergen and deodorizing effect.

Although the RAS-SX10CB has the highest cooling capacity in its class of 10,585BTU/h, it is also big on energy savings with the DC Pam Inverter System that provides energy saving up to 50%.

High Power Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

Clean your house efficiently and more comfortably with Hitachi's High Power Cyclone (2300W Motor) CV-SU23V Vacuum Cleaner. Hitachi's Original Multi Angle Head helps you reach dust between furniture and in narrow spaces for smooth and easy cleaning. It also comes with an Infrared Remote Control that allows you to easily switch among HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW power settings when cleaning. The CV-SU23V Vacuum Cleaner also has the Nano Titanium Deodorizing Filter that helps with deodorization and bacteria elimination.

Healthy Cooking with Superheated Steam Microwave Oven

Hitachi also launched two new made in Japan models in the microwave oven product series, namely the MRO-AV200E and the MRO-AV100E, targeted at consumers who are looking for a microwave oven that optimizes their cooking process according to the different types of food.

The Auto Menu function employs a combination of five heating methods to help consumers prepare delicious and healthy meals. Consumers can now reheat two dishes at the same time with the Triple Weight Sensor feature, a Hitachi owned technology which weights food and optimum temperature as well as cooking time are set automatically.

The MRO-AV200E and the MRO-AV100E also use the Superheated Steam Mechanism that help significant calorie reduction for healthier meals as compares with typical pan cooking.

Deodorizing Air Purifier

Hitachi also unveiled a series of remote controlled made in Japan air purifier products, the EP-A7000, EP-A6000, EP-A5000, EP-A3000 that delivers exceptional deodorizing and air purifying performance. These models come with Hitachi's unique ProActive Filtration System that captures a wide range of odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air and it covers a room size of 25m² to 50m². In addition to that, it also features the Allergen-Free HEPA Filter that purifies the air by suppressing the activities of airborne viruses and bacteria.

Fuzzy Control Technology Digital Rice Cooker

The high powered 1000 watts RZ-DMA18Y Rice Cooker brings the art of rice cooking to the next level with its Fuzzy Control Technology that allows for even and thorough heat distribution that cooks each grain of rice evenly for softer and more delicious rice. Whip up a variety of steaming cuisines with the aluminium tray and try your hand at cooking sticky rice with the new aluminium steam basket.

Products Availability

These products will be available at major electrical chains and electrical shops throughout Malaysia from April 2012 onwards. For more information on the products, do check out or you may access the Hitachi Malaysia app via your iPad App Store from 23 April 2012 onwards.




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