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Hitachi Home AppliancesMalaysia

World's Leading Brand in Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Enriches Consumers' Lives with the Latest Range of 3 Doors Side-by-Side Inverter, Big2 and Stylish Line Series Refrigerators, Sparkle Beat Washing Machine, Inverter Air Conditioner and LED TV

Malaysia, December 3, 2010- Hitachi, the leading global electronics company, today launched its 2011 ecologically-inspired electronic and home appliance line-up, featuring the latest 3 Doors Side-by-Side Mirror Finish Inverter, Big2 and Stylish Line Series refrigerators, a Sparkle Beat Washing Machine, an Inverter Air Conditioner and a LED TV.

"Hitachi is committed towards offering the finest innovations to enrich and excite our consumers' home and living experience. Today, we are especially thrilled to launch 6 environmentally-friendly hero products that truly capture the essence of our brand promise "Tomorrow Together" - to inspire others to live a good life and to make the world a better place to live," said Mr Masahiro Sakata, Managing Director of Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad.


"Hitachi's latest home and lifestyle appliances, incorporated with the latest breakthroughs are specially designed to bring ultimate convenience and comfort to our consumers while remaining aesthetically elegant to complement our consumers' living space. Our Side-by-Side Mirror Finish Inverter Refrigerator is built with elegance and intelligent functions. Meanwhile, the Sparkle Beat Washing Machine and Inverter Air Conditioner offer a host of benefits that guarantees a delightful home living experience. Besides that the 46V LED TV is an absolute beauty which spells sleek, refined and stunning. We are also introducing two of our latest upgraded series of refrigerators that have been redesigned while retaining its innovative technology to provide consumers with the freshest food at all times." added Mr Sakata.

The following is a brief description of the models that were launched today:-

Hitachi 3 Doors Mirror Finish Side-by-Side Inverter Refrigerator (R-M 800GPM MIR)
Powered by Hitachi's Innovative Inverter Technology, the Side-by-Side Mirror Finish Inverter Refrigerator is one of the most energy efficient innovations in the market as it provides 10% more cooling power and reduces 15% more energy consumption. Through a combination of its unique low-floor design and compact evaporator, the innovation offers an amazingly large storage that is equivalent to a kitchen cabinet. The Inverter Refrigerator is now available in the market.

Big2 Series Refrigerator (R-Z710EMX)
The Big2 Series Refrigerator is featured with a brand new Front-Jet Freezing that provides chilled air from the front of the freezer apartment to ensure uniform and optimum freezing effect up to 10%, disregard of the amount of food stored. The 2-way Humidity Controller innovation helps maintain high humidity up to 90% and retains moisture in vegetables up to 85%. Big2 Series Refrigerator is now retailing in the market.

Stylish Line Series Refrigerator (R-T350EM PBK)
Empowered by the Eco Thermo-sensor Technology, the refrigerator has a micro computer that controls each cooling device which enables stable temperature, quicker temperature resumption and 16% more energy saving.

Besides, it is designed with a changeable compartment that allows its users to select the most suitable temperature settings - chiller or vegetable mode to keep your food fresh and tasty. You may switch the convertible compartment to upper section to keep your meat and fish frozen or lower section for easily damaged soft fruits and vegetables. The Stylish Line Series will be available in January 2011.

Sparkle Beat Washing Machine (SF-130LJS)
Hitachi's latest washing machine is engineered with a revolutionary Sparkle Beat Technology -Beat Drum and Beat Blade features, which perfects washing performance and removes stubborn stains without damaging the fabric. Furthermore, the 4-step washing method is specially designed to concentrate the detergent liquid that penetrates deep into the fabric to wash away dirt. The machine also features a tangle free technology that minimizes tangle and wrinkle on different types of fabric.This washing machine is now available in the market.

Inverter Air Conditioner (RAS-X10CZ)
Imagine that you could actually breathe in pure and untainted air in your very own home. The Inverter Air Conditioner adopts the latest Direct Current (DC) Inverter System and Power Active Module (PAM) System that ensures high cooling performance and minimizes power consumption up to 54%. In addition, the air conditioner is powered with world's first Dual Nano Titanium Filter System that provides a powerful antibacterial effect, and of course, absolute clean air to your living space.

Also, the model has adopted the environmental-friendly refrigerant R410A that is proven more energy efficient as compared to other conventional air conditioners. Besides, this Inverter Air Conditioner has the highest cooling capacity up to 10,585 BTU/h that delivers maximum cool air in the shortest time. The product is now available in retail stores.

Hitachi 46V LED TV (LE46T05A)
The introduction of Hitachi LED TV offers everyone a chance to experience true-to-life images and the finest details of colours. The ecological-friendly innovation redefines visual and audio pleasures as it is boasts with numerous energy saving features that delivers top notch LED picture quality with lesser power consumption. Besides that, the LED TV allows easy access to multimedia as it is equipped with up to three HDMI V1.3 ports and a USB 2.0 connection port. Hitachi 46V LED TV is now available in the market.