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Hitachi Home Electronics, Ltd.

HES-35WY New

Electronic Standard
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  • 5-Style shower spray for various uses
  • 12 Advanced Safety Features: Reliable safety design is achieved after conducting evaluation tests
  • Hygienic Head & Hose: Hygienic Head & Hose is made of anti-bacterial material and specifically designed to inhibit bacteria proliferation and ensures a hygienic showering experience
  • Shower Head with "Pause" Button
  • Accessory: Sliding bar, soap tray

Tech Spec

Model HES-35WY
Max. Power (W) 3500
Safety Features 12
Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
On-Off Switch
Insulation at Potential Risk Points
Incoloy Heater
Copper Heater Tank
PCB Cover
Thermostat with a Reset System
Non Flammable Cabinet
Waterproof Structure
Water Pressure Sensor
Water Pressure Controller
Water Filter
Antibacterial Shower Head
Shower Hose
Shower Head Color : White
5-Style Shower
3 in 1 Water Valve
Sliding Bar and Soap Tray
Water Distribution 1
Minimum Water Pressure (kPa) 15.7
Maximum Water Pressure (kPa) 343.2
Power Supply 220V / 50Hz
Dimensions (W×H×D)(mm) 215×377×105
Net Weight (kg) 2.7
Color Body : White
Panel : Champagne Gold