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Discipline allows me to grow.

Nate Higgins runs an innovative juice bar chain.
The most important things for him are being in the forest, and running.

Real discipline is to optimise your time and accomplish more.

Discipline to me is the most important thing every day. I think real freedom is through routine, creating systems to optimise your time and accomplish more. And so every day you wake up, you have a program – you are not wasting time trying to figure out how to spend your time.

For example, the most important thing to me is being in the forest every day, and to run. I never start reading e-mails and doing the work until after 8 a.m. I don't eat lunch and then always make dinner at home with my wife.

I think exercise, meditation and family; these are the most important things. Work is just a thing that I do to allow me to continue focusing on those things. So I try to prioritise mental health and just physical wellbeing above making money, which is what work traditionally is for everybody.

For exercise, it's important to find things that are extracurricular. For me, that's Muay Thai – something I will never ever be great at but I'll always be able to improve. There's something very alluring about that, knowing that you are humble constantly on a daily basis by your inadequacy.

Ultimately, family is the most important thing for us – both, my wife and me. That's what I think, bonded very strongly on. We have very different families, but what we have in common is that they are one of the most important things to each of us. The most exciting thing for us is creating our own family together that would bring our two separate families together.

I think the real magic of life is when you are convinced in your beliefs of how things can be for yourself, choose a path and commit to things that you value.

Freshness is about growth and personal development.

When I think of 'freshness', I think growth and personal development are probably the best way to optimise yourself. It's never going to be perfect. That's a lot of what our business and our product is about. You can probably do something small and incremental to improve it. The freshness of our product and the habitual nature of it – you can have it every day and it can always be fresh every day.

How can you create a better version of yourself every day? It's never going to be perfect. It's about improvement. You can probably do something incremental to improve.

We try to be stewards of sustainable food systems.

We believe in sustainable food systems and we are trying to be stewards of the most sustainable food system that exists now, which is organic agriculture. Nutritive foods that are plant-based. Even if you eat hamburgers every day, you probably benefit from having fruits and vegetables in your diet. So even if your diet is completely nutritionally-void of the things that you need, you can add this and benefit from it.

It's actually pretty remarkable: food is fermenting with the bacteria from your personal environment, so you are fermenting and preserving the food from your own environment – it actually comes from you.

If you're going to eat deep fried food but you already have a healthy gut microbiome, you are going to digest a lot easier than you would otherwise.

For food, I believe in cleanliness and simplicity.

Use what exists, then bring in new natural materials.

We've hunted for millennia as human beings. To me, it's the most sustainable food system that still exists. It's a spiritual experience, and unfortunately, culturally in the United States it has been typecast. It's the wildest, purest food you can eat, and there's something incredibly alluring about that.

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