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Auto Dosing System

As of Mar. 2021

Vol.1Removing "little" laundry hassles, one by one.

Hitachi's home appliances are designed to give our customers more valuable time with their family and improve their quality of life. In line with this, one of our major goals for our washing machines is to provide a clean wash while reducing the time and effort spent on household chores.
The new top-loading model, the SF-250ZFVAD was developed to achieve fewer washing loads with its larger 25-kilogramme capacity while incorporating hot-water washing to improve cleaning performance. We also adopted Auto Dosing System (ADS), which had already been rolled out in Japan, to exceed customer expectations and accelerate the development cycle.

Akitoshi Morishima,
Manager, Global Products Planning Department,
Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.

ADS was such a hit when it was introduced in Japan that more than 90 percent*1 of customers ranked Auto Dosing System as the No. 1 reason for purchasing a Hitachi washing machine.

Measuring and adding detergent to a wash is always a bit of a hassle. Many just eyeball the amount and pour it in*2. Besides, more than a few customers go out of their way to ask us how much of their specific detergent they should use when the instructions say, for example, to use 140 litres of water. Using too little detergent will result in stains not being fully removed, but using too much detergent may darken clothes and also cause detergent residue. And pouring from a heavy bottle of detergent into a small cap creates the additional problem of potential spills and clean-ups.

ADS, a smart detergent dispenser, is a technology that removes these hassles.

*1 Source: Hitachi original survey, n=135 (January, 2020). Top loading washing machine BW-DX120 purchaser, what are important features when buying washing machine.

*2 Source: Hitachi original survey, n=60 (November 2011). Survey about detergent and softener in Thailand, 80% of the respondents answered that they eyeball the amount to the question about how they pour in detergent and softener.

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