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As of Mar. 2021

Vol.1A washing machine designed so you have more time with your family.

Hitachi's new top-loading model, the SF-250ZFVAD, featuring its new Auto Dosing System, has an expansive 25kg capacity to handle bulk and large-item washing needs. Given the rise in dual-income families, the model was designed to reduce the time devoted to laundry, as well as the number of washings, so people can spend less time and effort on housework.
With its Auto Dosing System and extra kilogramme washing capacity over its SF-240XWV predecessor, the new model was designed to further improve usability and provide "less laundry time and more family time".

To account for various user's height*1, we needed many more studies to ensure the large washing machine was easy to load, unload, and operate, apart from making the Auto Dosing System easy to maintain.

To this end, the design team at Hitachi went through multiple design and testing iterations to make the larger capacity model more comfortable for the typical user, while keeping the highly acclaimed*2 exterior form of the 15-to-17kg -capacity-class top-loading model, the SF-170ZCV.

*1 For people with height over 155 cm.

*2 The SF-170ZCV received a 2019 iF Design Award and a 2018 Good Design award

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