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Auto Door Design

Vol.4Our design sought both functionality and simplicity.

Fukutaro Okada, Section Manager, Refrigerator Design Department,
Hitachi Consumer Products (Thailand), Ltd.

In 2020, we decided to include Auto Door, which users loved, on the French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Luxury model. However, it was not easy to achieve a design aiming for simplicity "that blends into the interior space when the door is closed" with the multi-functionality of adding Auto Door to every refrigerator and freezer compartment.

Adding value in the form of convenience is pointless if it compromises the refrigerator’s basic performance. Therefore, we revised from scratch the basic design of the refrigerator: namely, the cooling, air flow, and insulation. We even placed the monitoring sensor — which controls the illuminated door handles and the Auto Door LED buttons — in an inconspicuous location, so as not to detract from the simple design.

The monitoring sensor was placed underfoot to realise a design that appears as a single sheet of glass.

With the marrying of simplicity and technology, you can sense the consideration put into the design, as it blends into the interior when no one is around but welcomes you as you approach. In the coming years, with outstanding design and technology, our refrigerators will continue to discern and respond to user feedback.

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