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Auto Door Design

Vol.3Auto Door makes it easy to open doors with large-capacity pockets.

Side by Side Refrigerator Luxury Mirror

The door pockets of the three-door Side By Side Refrigerator can be amply-stocked with many water and drink containers as well as glass condiments and dressing bottles. So it’s not unusual for a door to weigh in excess of 20 kilogrammes*. And it’s no easy feat to open a weighty door while carrying heavy shopping bags, or balancing a heap of hors d’oeuvres on a delicate serving dish.

Side by Side Refrigerator Grande Glass Bronze

Auto Door was the perfect answer to meet the underlying needs of Side By Side Refrigerator owners around the world. We worked on the function with our development department in Thailand, starting from the Auto Door gear unit that had been developed in Japan. After a lengthy trial-and-error process, Side By Side Refrigerators with Auto Door went on sale in 2014.

Auto Door currently is equipped on selected Made in Japan Refrigerator models and Side By Side Refrigerator models. Customers around the world have said they appreciate the "convenience" of Auto Door and "I can’t believe it’s possible to open a door that heavy with just my fingertip".

* Tested by Hitachi.

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