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Hitachi Home Electronics Asia(S) Pte. Ltd.   Cambodia


1.8 L
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Capacity [L] 1.8 (10 Cups)
Inner Pot Pot & Inner Coating : Themal Sprayed Thick Iron Pot Gold Fluorine Coating
Thickness : 3.0
Pressure 1.3 Atomospheric Pressure
Boiling Point 107℃ High Temperature
Vapor Cut
Steam Warm Warm (24h) ・ Warm Hi (12h)
Steam Reheat
Rice Menu White : Normal, Rapid, Mix, Porridge
Brown : Normal, Mix, Porridge
Variety Menu Risotto, Steam, Cake
Small Mount Cooking
Display Panel White LCD with Back Light
Power Source 220-230V, 50/60 Hz
Poewr Consumption (Max.)[W] 1400W
Dimensions (WxDxH)[mm] 301x424x254
Weight (Approx.)[kg] 7.9
Accessories Rice Scoop, Rice Scoop Holder, Measuring Cup x 1, Steaming Plate