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Advanced IH & Inverter -
Ultimate Rice Cooker Technology

Advanced IH & Inverter - Ultimate Rice Cooker Technology

IH Technology

The Most Advanced Heating Technology for Rice Cookers

The induction heating (IH) produces magnetic forces that generate heat in the pot itself to yield rice that’s fluffy and has a uniform texture and delicious taste.

Inner pot heats up on its own due to magnetic forces. Rice is cooked more evenly.

Inner pot conducts electricity from magnetic forces and heats up on its own., Uniform Heat Distribution, Rice cooks evenly.

High Power 1300WInverter Technology

Inverter Control Enables Fine Adjustment of Heating Power for Delicious Results

With Inverter technology, IH rice cooker heating can be controlled much more precisely than conventional microcomputer types, making it ideal for delicious cooking result. When the rice is soaking, it is kept at the optimum temperature to efficiently absorb water. And the cooker is able to start cooking rice with high efficiency and high 1,300W heating power immediately after the optimum soaking time.

IH Technology

Temperature, Becomes Starchy 60°C, Keeps Temp. For A-ing Process

Microcomputer Technology

Temperature, Becomes Starchy 60°C

3.6mm Thick Iron Pot

Carbon Fluorine Coating, Aluminum, Iron(Carbon Steel), Anti-rust Coating

3.6mm Thick Iron Pot

Because iron is a material that efficiently generates heat, it maximizes the potential of induction heating. The heat from the iron is rapidly transmitted to the highly conductive aluminum. Thanks to the pot’s 3.6mm thickness, heat is transmitted uniformly to cook rice evenly. The pot also retains heat exceptionally well to further ensure delicious, fluffy rice.

Auto Recipe

40 RecipesAuto Recipe

The Auto Recipe Mode lets you choose from 40 recipes in the instruction booklet. Cooking your favorite dishes is easier than ever!

Thai Food

Vietnamese / Malay-Chinese Food

Japanese Food



Auto Recipe List

Simple Operation

The often-used buttons are large and located in the center. The large letters are also easy to see.

RZ-D18WF / D10WF

1Select a recipe number, press the cook button and your chosen dish is cooked automatically.

2Press "Reheat" to heat up rice and keep rice warm.
*Applies to RZ-D18WF, D10WF, D18VF and D10VF.

Direct Mode Select Buttons

Cooking is Completed

Multiple Cooking Mode

Multiple Cooking Mode

Various Rice Modes

Different modes and water level indications ensure the best results depending on the type of rice you’re cooking.

Hitachi Original

Jasmine (Fragrant) Rice

Japanese Rice

White Rice

Brown Rice

Sticky (Glutinous) Rice

Various Cooking Modes

The range of modes also includes the healthy Steam and Slow Cook modes. Now you have an even bigger choice of ways to cook.

Mixed Rice

Porridge (Thick / Thin)

Brown Rice Porridge




Sticky Rice Steam

Slow Cook (High / Low)

Extra Convenience

Extra Convenience


Keeps cooked rice warm so you can always enjoy delicious rice. It can be used temporarily to heat up rice just before serving.


Makes sure your rice will be ready exactly when you want it.


A melody is played at the end of cooking to let you know that the rice is cooked and ready to be served.

Other Features

Other Features


For easy taking out and putting back.

Bright Water Level Indicator

Helps you adjust water level to the optimum amount depending on type of rice.

Steam Basket

Cooks steamed glutinous rice and healthy dishes such as steamed vegetables.

Steam Tray