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SF-S95XC New

Top Loading - Beat Wave Wash Beat Wave Wash Booster Pump


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Ultra Power

Ultra Power

4-Step Wash

Thoroughly penetrates deep into fabrics to effectively remove stubborn stains by controlling the water level to dissolve the detergent in 4 steps and to maximize cleaning power.

Step1:Dissolve, Step2:Penetrate, Step3:Soak, Step4:Remove

Step 1Dissolve

Dissolve the detergent at the lowest water level.

Step 2Penetrate

Enable the condensed detergent liquid to penetrate deep into the fabrics.

Step 3Soak

Detergent comes into complete contact with the surface of clothes.

Step 4Remove

Remove stubborn dirt at the normal water level.

Powerful Dual Jet

Besides agitating clothes with a pulsator, powerful dual jets falling at two different levels make sure to reach the items at various water levels and circulate them vertically and horizontally for a multi-directional washing effect.

Beat Wave Wash

Beat Wave Wash

Washes by pressing, beating and rubbing clothes

Active Beat Lifter

Water and clothes are powerfully agitated while the unique Active Beat Lifter pushes clothes up and down to agitates fabrics well to further provide thorough washing and rinsing while minimizing tangling.

Beat Shower

Thanks to the blades on the bottom of the Active Beat Lifter, water is pushed upwards. With powerful showers from two outlets in the drum, the Active Beat Lifter circulates water and agitates clothes to prevent tangling and assure thorough washing and rinsing.

4-Step Wash

Concentrated detergent solution penetrates deep into fabrics to wash away even stubborn dirt and stains.

The Lowest Water Level

Used to dissolve the detergent.

The Higher Water Level

Enables the condensed detergent solution to penetrate deep into the fibers of clothes.

The Third Water Level

Detergent comes into complete contact with the surface of clothes.

The Normal Water Level

Eliminates stubborn dirt and stains.

Tangle-Free Finish

Tangle-Free Finish

When the spin cycle ends, the pulsator repeatedly moves clockwise and counterclockwise, first making items fall off the tub wall and then untangling them. This unique Hitachi feature makes it much easier to take clothes out of the tub. And minimal tangling means fewer wrinkles on clothes.


Tangle-Free Finish

Tech Spec

Beat Wave Wash
Booster Pump
Washing Capacity (kg)
Booster Pump
Washing Function
Washing Process : 4-Step Wash
Shower : Beat Shower
Water Level Selector (12 Levels)
Spin Function
Max. Spin Speed (r/min) : 600
Tangle-Free Finish
Useful Function
Eco Button
Delay Timer
Clean Function
Tub Clean
Tub Dry
Antibacterial Material : Lint Filter
Washing program
No. of Program : 11
Fuzzy / Powerful
Delicate / Speedy
Soak / Water Save
Energy Save
Blanket / Small load
Tub Dry / Tub Clean
Lid Material : Tempered Glass
Display : LED
Auto Restart 
Auto Power Off 
Sensor Lock Safety System
Energy Consumption
Fuzzy Program*1 (Wh/Cycle) : 158
(Wh/kg) : 16.6
Energy Save Program (Wh/Cycle) : 105
(Wh/kg) : 11.1
Water Consumption
Fuzzy Program (L/Cycle) : 113
(L/kg) : 11.9
Water Save Program(L/Cycle) : 67
(L/kg) : 7.1
Dimensions (WxHxD, mm)*2
Body Color
Lid : White
Body : White
Weight (Net/Gross, kg)
The Fuzzy program is a standard program.
Including drain hose and water supply hose.