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Top Loading - Beat Wave Wash Beat Wave Wash


  • Cool Gray


Product Excellence

> Exceptional Energy Saving

> Smart Wash Program
> 3-Step Eco Sensor
> Water Power Control

Convenient, Easy- to-Use Functions
> User-Friendly Control Panel
> Push Open Assisted Top
> Shower Plus
> Simple One-Push Operation
> Fine Adjustment Settings
> Memory Option

Easy Maintenance So It's Always Clean
> Glass Top Design
> Sleek, Seamless Tub Opening
> Removable, Washable, All-in-One Detergent Drawer

Do not clean the dirt but prevented from the beginning! Use the auto self-clean mode when washing it, after flushing function will work automatically before the drying process

Shower water will clean both the tube when the tube washing stainless steel rotating at high speed. Patterned surface and round tubes in the tube shaking water wash for cleaning stainless steel droppings.

> 99% Mold & Bacteria Reduction
> Sensor Lock Safety System
> Beat Shower
> Tangle-Free Finish

A Choice of 11 Programs for All Your Washing Needs

Fuzzy Speedy Energy Safe Tub Dry
Smart Wash Soak Water Safe Tub Clean
Delicate Small Load Blanket

Other Convenient Features

Delay Timer Auto Power Off Antibacterial Lint Filter 12-Level Water Selector
Auto Restart Level Indicator Standby Power Zero W

1. Auto Self Clean - The Tub Stain Fighter
2. Beat Wave Wash
> 4-Step Wash
> Integrated Detergent and Softener Tray
> Active Beat Lifter
> Beat Shower
3. Eco Programs

Water Save Energy Save Small Load

5. Intelligent Spin
6. Tangle-Free Finish

Tech Spec

Intelligent Spin Eco SF-105SS
Washing Capacity
Inverter Control
Hydro Charger
Triple Action
Auto Self Clean
Beat Drum
Beat Blade
Beat Shower
Active Beat Lifter
4-Step Wash
Variable Spin Control
Tangle-Free Finish
Eco Button
, Energy Save, Small Load
Sensing Indicator
No. of Washing Programs
Air Jet Dry (Spin Time)
(15 / 45 / 90 min)
Spin Speed (r/min)
Noise Level (dB)
55 (800r/min)
LED (3-Digit)
Antibacterial Lint Filter
Water Level Selector
(12 Levels)
Selectable Soak
Delay Timer
Remaining Time Display
Level Indicator
Detergent Dispanser
Softener Dispanser
Detergent / Softener Drawer
Safety Door Lock
Auto Power Off
Fully Auto Restart
Standby Power Zero W
Stainless Steel
Dimensions (mm)*
W:715 x H:1,088 x D:776
Weight (Net / Gross, kg)
Watt (w)
Cool Gray