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Wash it smart with energy-saving high-tech yet

Product Excellence

Auto Self Clean-The Tub Stain Fighter

Clean Design
> Holes for a Cleaner Tub
> Tub Clean Program for Attached Dirt
> Antibacterial* & Antimold* Shower Lifter and Gasket

Big Drum 510 Series Feature

Powerful Beat Washing

3D Sensor Control Wash*

Heavy items (jeans, bath towels, sweatshirts) Light items (shirts, underwear, baby clothes)
Tube rotation speed increases to lift up the clothes for the tube section get the washing effect more powerful. Tube rotation speed is reduced to prevent clothing spinning too fast and stick to the wall tubes, as well as generate optimal washing effect

Cold to 90°C Wash

Dual Vibration Control System
> 4-Ply Liquid Load Balancer
> High-Damping Hydraulic Suspension
> 3D Vibration Sensor and Revolution Sensor
> Anti-Vibration Sidewalls

Intelligent Sensor Systems
> Load Sensor
> Foam Detection Sensor
> Revolution Sensor
> Water Temperature Sensor
> Water Level Sensor
> Intelligent Sensing

User-Friendly Functions
> Easy-to-understand Pictographic Indications
> Self Correction System
> 180° Open Door and Large 33cm Diameter Opening
> Auto Power Off
> Reverse Flow Protection
> Child Lock
> Standby Power Zero W
> Water Leak Detection (Optional)
> Fully Auto Restart

Designed for your peace of mind

Allergy UK
The Allergy Care program has gained recognition from Allergy institute, England. Duty to reduce mold, dust, and bacteria, the program provides washing without fear for those who have sensitive skin or have a baby.
Semua model dilengkapi sebuah program untuk bahan wool yang sudah mendapatkan sertifikat dari Woolmark. Sehingga anda bisa mencuci pakaian wool dengan aman selama pakaian tersebut memiliki label
Woolmark yang berarti pakaian tersebut dapat dicuci dengan mesin cuci. M1241

Under-Counter Installation
> Removable Worktop
> Minimum Installation Dimensions
> Adjustable Height for Neater Installation
> Heat Protective Cover

Hitachi's Safety Policy:
Safety Measures that Go One Step Beyond

1. Safety measures for motors
2. Safety measure for heaters
3. Safety measure for printed circuit boards

Tech Spec

Model BD-W85TSP
Washing Capacity (kg) 8.5
Spin Speed (r/min) 1,000
Direct Drive Inverter -
Washing Temperature Max. 90 C
Drum Diameter (mm) 510
3D Sensor Control Wash -
Auto Self Clean
Antibacterial & Antimold Sower Lifter
Antibacterial & Antimold Sower Lifter
Dual Vibration Control System
4-Ply Liquid Load Balancer
Hydraulic Suspensions
Anti-Vibration Sidewalls
Intelligent Sensor Systems
3D Vibration Sensor -
Dual Vibration Sensor
Revolution Sensor
Load Sensor
Water Temperature Sensor
Water Level Sensor
Foam Detection Sensor
Variable Spin Speed (4 Steps)
No Spin
Selectable Water Temperature -
No. of Washing Programs 14
Self Correction System Jog Dial
Program Selector LED (Orange)
Auto Power Off
Fully Auto Restart
Standby Power Zero W
Child Lock
Reverse Flow Protection -
Heat Protective Cover -
180 Open Door
Removable Worktop for Under-Counter Installation
Timer Setting Up to 12hr
W 600
H 850
H (Without Worktop) 820
D 600
Net Weight (kg) 67
Gross Weight (kg) 71
Watt (W) 2,050
Color White