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Hitachi Home AppliancesIndonesia


Made In Japan
E Series


  • Crystal Brown

Original Vacuum Preservation

A Life Centric Technology
from Japan

Hitachi patented sealed-structure design and
vacuum pump maintain 0.8 atmospheric pressure
and keep away direct cold air.

Fresher Foods
You the
Best Cook!

Goodbye Oxidisation &

Hello to Healthy! Freshness!
and Speedy Cooking without the needs to defrost.


Combines two advanced technology in energy saving, namely the compressor inverter that regulates dual fan cooling power and cooling that regulate the spread of cold air in the refrigerator.

Product Excellence

Freshness Redefined

Vacuum Compartment
Approx. 0.8atm of Vacuum Preservation, unique Photocatalyst and Antioxidation Fresh Cassette keep chilled meat, fish and dairy products fresh and nutritious.

Aero-care Vege (vegetable) Zone
In the Aero-care Vege Zone, Photocatalyst and LED light produces an optimal environment that will maintain the freshness and nutrients of vegetables.

Energy Saving

Advanced Frost Recycling Cooling with Hybrid Defrost
Chilled air generated by the frost is recycled to cool the compartments, even when the compressor is not running, and the two heaters help speed up the defrosting process.

VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel)
Unique 3D-moulded VIP maximizes space and enhances cooling efficiency.

Designed to Perfection

Hitachi Original Auto Doors & Drawers
With just a touch, doors and drawers open effortlessly, even when fully loaded.

Vacuum Compartment

With Japanese innovation at its finest, Hitachi's uniquely designed Vacuum Preservation can achieve approximately 0.8atm capabilities through the use of a vacuum pump to extract air and reduce oxygen, suppressing oxidation, thus ensuring freshness of food while retaining its nutrients.
Furthermore, the airtight structure of the compartment confines moisture inside, thus helping to prevent dehydration of stored food.


Uniquely designed to maintain freshness and nutrients in vegetables, the Aero-care Vege Zone
puts food under the effect of a Photocatalyst, producing carbon dioxide to control respiration of vegetables and limiting the consumption of nutrients.

In addition, the improved airtight seal of the compartment increases humidity, with the Humidity Control unit also releasing excess moisture, vegetables remain in optimal condition, further ensuring they retain their freshness and nutrients.

Energy Saving

With Hitachi's continual efforts in pioneering green initiatives, this refrigerator features the latest in technology that strives towards a sustainable environment. The cooling process is sped up with Dual Fan Cooling, together with Frost Recycling Cooling with Hybrid Defrost and intelligent energy saving, enabling the new Hitachi refrigerator to run effectively with reduced energy consumption.

Tech Spec

Model R-E6800N
Body Color Crystal Brown (XT)
Nett Capacity (Litres)  
Standart (ISO) 537
Refrigerator Compartment 333
Vegetable Compartment 87
Ice Compartment 6
Freezer (Upper + Lower) 111
Refrigerator Compartment  
Vacuum Compartment (With Antioxidation Fresh Cassette and Photocatalyst)
Powerful Cooling
Tempered Glass Shelves (Upper two shelves) Ice Compartment
Height Adjustable Pocket / Shelf
Movable Egg Case
Freeze Compartment  
Powerful Freezing
Alumunium Tray (Upper / Lower Compartment)
Three-layer Freezer case & Tall Storage (Lower Freezer Compartment)
Automatic Ice Maker
Vegetable Compartment  
Aero-care vege Compartment (Lower Case) (With Photocatalyst and Moisture unit)
Upper Case & Tall Storage Compartment
Tempered Glass Surface (All Flat)
Auto Door (Refrigerator Compartment) -
Auto Drawer (Lower Freezer Compartment and Vegetable Compartment)
Other Features  
Triple Deodorization Filter
Frost Recycling Cooling (With Hybrid Defrost)
Dual Fan Cooling
ECO Intelligent Control
Smart Lifestyle Memory
Energy Saving Modes (Save) & (Trip)
Control Panel (Touch Screen Controller)
Dimensions (mm) W:825
Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
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