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Hitachi Sales Middle East FZE


Made in Japan
  • Twetter

Front Load Washer & Dryer

Model no: BD-S5500


  • Wide Drum - 53cm wide, 75L capacity
  • Spin speed 1000rpm
  • Big capacity and high speed - 7kg washer-dryer
  • 3D sensor system, Hot Wash, 2-Way Circulation Pump
  • Wind-Iron, Heat Recycle Drying
  • Auto Self Clean, Flat Inner Wall Hose
  • Steam Iron
  • Wash-10.5kg/ Dry-7.0kg


Washing Capacity 10.5 kg
Drying Capacity 7 kg
Drum Speed Washing 10 - 41 r/min
Spinning 700/900/1,300 (1,875) r/min (Slow Air Blowing Spin)
Drying 30 - 65 r/min
Water Consumption Washing (Fuzzy) Program With Auto Self Clean 87 litres (78+9)
Washing (Fuzzy) Program Without Auto Self Clean 78 litres
Washing Technology Big Drum Diameter Approximately 53 cm
3D Acceleration Sensor
Sprayed Rinse
Shower By 2-Way Cyclical Pump
Drying Technology Heat Recycle
Wind Iron
2-Way Dehumidify (Air Cooling / Water Cooling )
Energy Saving Technology Direct Drive Inverter Motor
Low Vibration Technology High-Damping Hydraulic Suspension
4-Ply Liquid Load Balancer
3D Acceleration Sensor
Cleaning Feature Nano Titanium Filter
Auto Self Clean
Convenient Feature Steam Iron
Preset Washing Timer 3-12 hours
Stainless Steel Drum
Cross Cut Tub
Flat Inner Wall Hose
Finish Warning Sound
Adjustable Leg
Door Lock
Power Source 220 V
60 Hz
Rated Power Washing 500 W
Drying 1,350 W
Dimensions W (With Drain Hose) 630 mm
W (Without Drain Hose) 600 mm
H (With Water Inlet Valve, Dry Filter & Detergent Case Lid) 1,180 mm
H (Without Water Inlet Valve, Dry Filter & Detergent Case Lid) 1,020 mm
D (Without Drain Hose) 715 mm
Net Weight 83 kg



Height: 1,180 mm
Width: 630 mm
Dept: 715 mm


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