Our Made in Japan Refrigerator is Stocked with Innovative Features

Harnessing the best of Hitachi technology, we derive immense pleasure in delivering eco-friendly refrigerators through proprietary technologies.

Its unique Platinum Catalyst found in both the Vacuum and Aero-care Vege Compartments, helps sustain freshness of stored food. Other complementary features like Vacuum Insulation Panels and advanced Frost Recycling Cooling work in synergy for greater energy efficiency.

Hitachi Made in Japan refrigerators exude external aesthetic beauty and are also made for the intelligent and innovative homes of the future.

With Hitachi, you’ve got it made.

Vacuum Compartment

Refreshing Technology Maintains 0.8 atm Vacuum*

Hitachi innovation at its finest and most consistent: the sealed pressure-resistant vacuum realises and maintains the vacuumed environment. A vacuum pump extracts air and reduces oxygen to achieve approx. 0.8 atm (atmospheric pressure) throughout usage.

* Vacuum means the space where the pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure. The pressure in the Vacuum Compartment is about 0.8 atm, which is lower than the atmospheric pressure, hence, Hitachi considers this a vacuum.

Aero-care Vege Compartment

The Power of Platinum for Fruits & Vegetables

Aero-Vege Compartment with Platinum Catalyst

The uniquely-designed compartment sustains freshness and nutrients of the vegetables and fruits with Platinum Catalyst. In addition, the improved airtight seal of compartment increases and controls humidity.

Freezer Compartment

Low Temperature Freezing

Take the stress out of freezing with Hitachi’s automatic ice maker compartment and multi-layer large storage capacity.

Designed To Perfection

Delightful Auto Door

Auto door technology provides a delightfully-easy door opening experience like never before. Even if the refrigerator and freezer are fully packed, doors can be opened automatically just by touching a button.

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